Main objections to a SC Forensic Audit

Addressing objections to a forensic study of our elections in South Carolina: 8 rebuttals

Here are the main objections we hear about why our state should not proceed with a full forensic audit.

  1. We were already audited. This argument is ridiculous as the SEC conducts only a small hand count of ballots post-election. Note that none of the national elections were audited in SC. For example, in Anderson County, the following races were audited.

Board of Education District 8, precinct Edgewood Station B

In Charleston, it was the Coroner and Lin Bennett’s race in her district. Doing a small hand-count of a few races where you will likely find nothing is not the way to conduct an audit. Why weren’t the major races audited?

  1. We (the GOP) need to stick together
  • The #1 issue with voters is voter integrity. In a recent Rasmussen survey 61.4% OF LIKELY VOTERS BELIEVE ELECTION INTEGRITY ISSUES AFFECTED THE OUTCOME OF THE 2020 U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION
  • Unfortunately, some of our GOP leaders and elected officials don’t understand the pulse of their electorate.  They aren’t “sticking” with us.
  • We are not going to vote if those machines are still in place. We need to feel like our vote counts and only a full forensic compliance study will do the trick.
  1. “We do elections right in South Carolina”

After months of extensive research, we have found substantial issues that are concerning

  • Based on our analysis of voter roll data we estimate that we have up to 200,000 voters and registrants that should not be on our rolls; note also that our absentee ballot signature were not checked.
Note how high the registrations are relative to the population particularly in the 25-44 and 65+. This number should be in the 60-70% range
  • Abbreviated pcap data shows vote flips across the board and they all occurred in Biden’s favor.
Vote flips in every county in SC
  • Seth Keshel’s heat map shows that we have counties that are highly suspicious for fraud.
The ten counties in red are what we want to focus on.

Look at the increase in votes for a candidate that didn’t campaign except from his basement and who is the least popular president in over a century. By the way, we would say the same thing if it was a Republican. We are agnostic and nonpartisan.

  1. The machines aren’t connected to the internet
  • We have information from US Cybercommand that shows that our computers were and can be connected to the internet. Data was moving to and from our state and over 66% of nation’s data went to China
Here is the final frame of the 3-minute video that shows data transfer from our counties to other destinations
  • Even air-gapped systems can be infiltrated via a “Stuxnet like” virus
  • Over 14,000 ES&S machines were sold with modems. In the Michigan forensic audit found a Telit modem in the motherboard unbeknownst to the county when they opened the motherboard.
  1. Trump won so why bother?

This is not about Trump.

It is not about R or D

It is about our vote. Our vote is our freedom and if we lose that we lose our country.

  1. Audits are too expensive. This is pork spending.
  • Our state took in over $5.3 M in Zuckerburg funds that subsidized our 2020 election.
  • $5M is a small price to pay to reassure the people that their vote truly counts and that our elected officials are elected and not selected. Note that we can’t get access to the machines and ballots unless our government funds the audit.
  1. We don’t need an audit, we need to canvass—canvassing is part of a study; we need time to fund and get the audit completed and we will run out of time in 10 months when the paper ballots are shredded. Furthermore, our resolution that we drafted for a forensice audit INCLUDES canvassing. In addition, it calls for 100% transparency so that We the People see the full report once it is finished.

  1. A question to leave you with. Who is behind the selection of officials? And Why?

Why do some pundits not want an audit?

This podcast by Jovan Pulitzer is a “must listen to.” It explains the issue with Dr. Frank and other “audit groups” who are not behind forensic audits. This is so puzzling to me. You are either for an audit or against it and if you are against it you are not on our side and shouldn’t put the word “audit” in the name of your group.