Grassroots Canvassing uncovers startling facts

Revelations could overturn the election

Liz Harris is a fearless fighter as she coordinated grassroots canvassing efforts in Arizona to uncover potential problems with the voter rolls. She recently appeared on Bannon’s War Room to share her results. What they found was that there were 173,104 “Lost votes.” This occurs when the person they speak to voted but it doesn’t show up as being counted. They cast a vote but there is no record of it nor is it counted in the reported totals for the election. Where did their vote go? Hmmm. This screams of potential disenfranchisement.

In addition, the grassroots canvass found 96,389 “Ghost votes” aka phantom votes. These are ineligible votes of people who have moved out of the state, are deceased, or could even be commercial addresses or empty lots. These votes were cast under the names of “registered” voters who were either unknown or moved away prior to October 2020 or perhaps never even voted. Due to these findings, her report claims that the 2020 General Election in Maricopa County is uncertifiable.

The presidential race was decided by only 10,457 votes statewide and the US Senate election was decided by 78,886 votes statewide. This suggests that not only the presidential race was affected but also other down-ballot races that would affect the distribution of power in the Senate.

Here is a copy of her report: