Bill H 4935 Teamwork wins the day-they had to add overflow to another room

Many thanks to the amazing beautiful people who showed up today for the hearing on H 4935. This bill supports one day of voting on hand marked paper ballots that are hand-counted.   Although we didn’t get to speak, it was a victory.  Fifty-one people showed up for a hearing in which they knew they might not have a chance to speak and they did so last minute!!!!

They had to open up a room to accomodate the overflow of people who wanted to testify and hear testimony on H 4935 the SAVE Act

Afterward, most of us went to the offices of the committee to sign their book and let them know we were there and that we had been looking forward to testifying. 

Some of us also taped our own testimonies afterwards in the lobby.  Below are the ones I received. If you would like your voice to be heard please record a statement on Zoom and send it to

Remember that for every one person who showed up there are thousands who care about this issue. Many wanted to go, but couldn’t join since it was last minute.

The attendance and passion shown today prove that elections ARE IMPORTANT TO THE PEOPLE and that the PEOPLE WANT TO return to PAPER.

Watch some of the statements below:

Heather from Berkeley

Becky from Spartanburg County

Leslie Beaufort County

Tim York County

Larry Spartanburg County

Denise York County

Laura Lexington County