Electronic voting systems–The risks are real

In this 4 part series, cyber securities expert Julie Baker steps through the many vulnerabilities of the ES&S Election Management System. There is much risk embedded in these systems resulting in a loss of trust and confidence in the process. Does our vote count? How do we know if we can’t get reports to do the basic analysis required to confirm our systems have integrity? Why is there a lack of transparency with respect to our third party vendors and corporations involved in this process?

Julie has an extensive background working in Information Technology for major banks in Manhattan as well as Israel. She knows the inherent risks of computer systems like these systems used to implement elections. This is a compelling presentation not to be missed.

Part 1 Voting Machine Risks-Third Party Risk

Part 2 Can we trust our election systems?

Part 3 Machine Vulnerability Risks

Part 4 Can these machines be manipulated?