Expert affidavits why we should gain access to CVRs Cast Vote Records

On January 18th, we filed a motion to compel the defendants to provide proof that they have preserved the data from the 2020 election as well as to provide proper answers to our Discovery questions. Up to this point, they are playing games and stalling. Their responses were not fully adequate nor provided all the information we requested. This is an example of egregious lawfare.

For example, they claim they don’t know the definition of a Cast Vote Record or what Personally Identifiable Information is…..Really? Some counties didn’t even respond. Furthermore, they accuse us of being part of some national conspiracy that is trying to just take up their time regarding FOIA requests. Unfortunately, they don’t see that the people don’t trust their elections and just want transparency and answers. Rather than try to intimidate those who want to better understand their election management systems and waste our time and money, they should do their civic duty and instill more trust by being more polite, transparent and willing to work with the people. After all, our governmental agencies work for us. We pay their salaries through our tax dollars.

Below we share our expert affidavits as well as the Motion to Compel. These are compelling affidavits that show the reality of the situation for our case regarding these important audit tools. I encourage you to read these in full as they are very interesting and informative and written by some of the best experts in ES&S as well as CVR analysis and computer technology. These demonstrate that we have a very strong case and why over half the states in the US allow access to CVRs.

Affadvit of Rick Weible

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