House of Cards South Carolina Style Part 2

In this video, SC Safe Elections members Laura, Cryste, and Leslie discuss election bill 4919, the history of the reason the advice and consent was added and what we believe will be the end result.

Our team has scrutinized the bills and listened to the debates and we believe that the senate bill should be passed as is.  There is not much time left in the session so hopefully our legislative body can come to a consensus and get a decent election reform bill passed.

The people want accountability and centralizing control of the elections under an organization that only is overseen by the governor doesn’t seem wise given the history that Leslie so eloquently outlines in this video.

Senate 4919 isn’t ideal but it is a good first step especially given the amendments that were added. See our previous blogs on this topic.

Here also is a one-page summary of why we like the bill:

In addition, here is the Fitsnews article that breaks down the behind the scenes drama (along with incriminating emails) going on at the SEC as Marci Andino was heading out. Note that Wells is now the Chairmen of the commission.

Action items: Call your senate and house members and ask them to pass 4919 as is–to include accountability for the South Carolina Election Commission.

Watch this great clip from Senator Massey debating the bill. Some great comments by Senator Chip Campsen as well regarding inaccurate voter rolls.

Note that the issue of the witness signature issue where the senate sued DID go to the US supreme court. Luckily they won. That was a close call. Luckily our state didn’t enter into a consent decree nor did the legislature change the law. Per Sen. Massey, we were close to being GA! THIS IS A MUST WATCH!