Let’s keep election small, simple, and local

SC Pathway to Safe Elections

RNC Resolution Issue 5

Keep it small, simple, and local

WHEREAS, Election officials are obligated to apply polling place access equitably in states, and should not eliminate polling places in order and to move to “vote center” models that make polling place access more difficult in more conservative areas;

Vote centers mix ballots from multiple precincts making recounts tougher to execute and creating longer drives for voters. Plus, early voting has the counterintuitive effect of reducing voter turnout.

Ideally, we should have small precincts with no more than 1,500 registered voters. (Currently, over 900 precincts exceed that with the largest being over 6,200.) If there is a 65% turnout that would result in 975 ballots to be counted.  Even if you had to hand-count these ballots it would take about 3 1/4 hours to count with 3 teams of 3 or 4 people which is doable in one night. Local small precincts also enable us to better know our neighbors and verify their legitimacy. Minimizing absentees also reduces fake registrants.

Did you know that our elections that were traditionally held and counted at the precinct level are now controlled by corporations, and the state and federal government?

RESOLVED, The Republican National Committee calls on all Republican officeholders to defend the historic practice of geographically-defined and assigned precinct, ward and localized polling places for means of balloting and tabulating paper ballots by geographic unit;

RESOLVED, The Republican National Committee hereby opposes any and all efforts for states to unreasonably expand time periods for early or vote-by-mail that makes ballot counting procedures intentionally unmanageable or incapable to complete expeditiously following the conclusion of an election on election day;

Problem:  Centralized voting centers obscure results, depress turnout; centralization of power has the potential for corruption.

Solution: Abolish early voting and early voting centers and return to one day of precinct level voting limiting registrations to no more than 1500 electors.  Return control back to the local level.

Ban early voting and reduce reasons for absentee; make election day a state holiday;

Bill 4260 achieves this by striking 7-13-25 (Early voting). Ideally, all absentee ballots for the precinct should be processed and or tabulated at the precinct level.