My response to Drew McKissick

SC GOP not supporting forensic audits: “We won’t stop.”

It was disheartening to find out that Drew McKissick and the SCGOP leadership didn’t support forensic audits in our state. We the people want to ensure that our votes count and yet our own party doesn’t seem to care. They want to “move on” from 2020 and push watered-down “election integrity” measures for the future. This does not reflect the pulse of the people.

To wit, a recent survey indicates that only 36% of Republicans think that elections are fair. Source (NPR/PBS Newshour Marist poll October 2021). In a CNN poll, 78% of Republicans believe Biden did not legitimately win enough votes to win the presidency, and one-third of all Americans believe that Biden won due to widespread fraud (Monmouth University poll).

We need to determine what went wrong in 2020 in every state. Even though our officials claim that in SC we “mostly did things right” that infers that there were some things that were “not quite right.” Even if there was a little bit of fraud, we have a problem. Every legitimate vote should count. Fraud vitiates everything. And it doesn’t matter whether or not it affects if Trump won or not in South Carolina. If my vote was stolen or messed with, I am rightfully angered.

What is more disconcerting is that our own Lexington GOP leaders didn’t support our vote and my efforts for a full forensic audit of 3 major counties. I worked hard with other contacts across the nation as along with other members of our Lexington GOP family to draft this resolution and pass it in other counties. It was approved unanimously by our ECs and yet our own representatives didn’t follow up with me, form the 5-person committee to provide recommendations or vote for moving forward with the resolution in the recent state GOP meeting. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Make no mistake, the EFAC (Election Fraud and Audit Committee) team will continue to tirelessly work to investigate any form of maladministration of the election process in our state. Despite attempts to subvert our progress from other audit groups that popped up recently and even members from our own Lexington team, we will continue to work toward determining the truth. We are not moving on. We are focusing on what did go wrong in 2020 so that it never happens again. We can’t get rid of the election process issues unless we can fully diagnose the problems that exist.

Our machines and poll books are capable of connecting to the internet and did so in the 2020 election. Source: US Cybercommand

Our voter rolls are an unmitigated mess and need to be cleaned up—dead people and people who have moved years ago are still on the rolls.

The ES&S machines themselves were not certified since the testing laboratories that are supposed to conduct exhaustive studies on them did not follow the HAVA act of 2002 and EAC manual guidelines.

Our vote is not secure nor transparent as it moves through an opaque system and is transmitted overseas via a foreign-owned company (SCYTL).

Our vote is our voice and the EFAC team will not rest until we are certain that our vote truly counts and can be verified and that only those who are eligible to vote are voting.

Laura Scharr, EFAC team leader