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Taking Back Our Freedom: Elections Not Selections


SITUATION: SC Safe Elections is a grassroots citizens group dedicated to elections that are transparent, simple and secure. While we appreciate the election integrity measures set into place by S108/Act 150, failure to comply with law renders law useless. It is our goal to restore confidence in the SC election process from start to finish by finding holes in compliance and delivering effective strategies for fixing them. The following observations and data, from reliable witnesses in your districts, demand further urgent action on the part of our elected officials and representatives.

CANVASSING OF 2020 ELECTION: We canvassed 8 major counties in South Carolina and found a high rate of deceased registered voters (many of whom voted), people who had relocated (but still voted), people registered to commercial addresses, and people who voted but whose vote wasn’t counted.  These findings, highly indicative of fraud, were delivered to SLED. No action has been taken.

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2022 PRIMARY: We mobilized 40 citizens and created an “Election Defense System” of poll observation and other activities in several counties and documented pervasive anomalies that generated affidavits. Here are our findings:

  • SC State Election Commission did not follow the SC election laws (7-13-35, 7-13-60, 7-13-72, 7-13-100, 7-13-710, 7-13-1750, 7-13-1770)
  • Machine glitches flipped votes from one candidate to another in many counties
  • Tamper resistant seals were voided or missing on “certified” machines
  • Poor or NO chain of custody practices were observed with ballots, equipment, and thumb drives
  • Races were missing from ballots due to redistricting
  • Same-day voter photo IDs issued without proper document proof
  • Absentee ballot envelopes were examined for signature verification day of receipt and in secret

CLICK HERE for more: https://www.scsafeelections.org/updates/taking-back-our-freedom-election-not-selections/

ES&S MACHINES: Our cyber experts have done a thorough investigation on the ES&S systems and found over 100 vulnerabilities for both the 2020 version as well as the system used in the June 2022 primary. Proprietary agreements between the SEC and ES&S (which were NOT approved and certified by the Secretary of State) violate the SC Constitution requirement that our ballots are to be cast in secret but not counted in secret.  Delegating final counts to an off-shore foreign entity, SCTYL, in a black box environment where encryption, shuffling and mixing occurs is also suspect.

CLICK HERE to learn more: https://scsafeelections.org/updates/election-machine-vulnerabilities-and-potential-for-fraud-even-in-red-states/

STONEWALLING DISCOVERY: Analysis of the Cast Vote Records (CVRs) from the 2020 General Election would allow our experts to decipher whether a thorough audit is necessary. Our attempts at acquiring the CVRs via FOIA have been thwarted by the SEC’s insistence that such records might contain voters’ personally identifiable information, an argument upheld by an opinion letter dated 9/28/2020 from the Office of the Attorney General.  If the ballot images or CVRs do contain personally identifiable information, the SEC, charged with maintaining the secrecy of the ballot, has mismanaged the elections so as to nullify the results. This possibility, then, must also be investigated.


  • FILE an Injunction or otherwise stop any deletion/purging of 2020 election data.
  • Acquire CVRs for 2020 general election and 2022 primary.
  • Eliminate electronic voting. Safe and effective alternatives are at our disposal.
  • Require substantive end to end audit of votes cast for every primary and general election.
  • Hold lawbreakers accountable and reconstitute the SEC.

We are subject matter experts. Work with us for true election integrity in South Carolina.