SC Safe Elections files suit to obtain Cast Vote Records

On August 26th, the South Carolina Safe Elections group filed a complaint and injunction in order to gain access to cast vote records to further analyze the 2020 election. The records will be destroyed as of September 3rd so time is of the essence. Attached is our complaint and a copy of the injunction. We also kindly ask you to contribute to our campaign to raise legal fees for this battle.

Here is our team leader Laura Scharr discussing the issue:

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South Carolina Safe Elections Takes Legal Action to Obtain Election Records

Lexington, S.C. – August 27th, 2022 –

SC Safe Elections (SCSE), the election integrity group in South Carolina, is taking legal action to ensure that evidence from the 2020 election is preserved.  They have filed a complaint with several county Board of Election offices as well as the SC Election Commission. They are challenging their election commission’s decision to deny any access to the cast vote records (CVRs) for the 2020 election as they want to do a full analysis to ensure that there was no malfeasance.  The group has been fighting for a forensic audit for over a year and trying to obtain these specific records from several counties since January of this year. Their Freedom of Information Act requests have been repeatedly denied and all attempts to have the Governor and SC Attorney General’s office assist in this effort have failed.

     SCSE team founder and leader Laura Scharr stated, “All election records and materials from the 2020 election are set to be potentially destroyed per Federal Title 52 section 2070 statute on September 3rd, 2022. The evidence should be preserved beyond this date as destroying the ballots will cause irreparable harm to the citizens of SC who want to ensure that their vote counted and was not canceled out by ineligible votes. Furthermore, it would not take much time or expense to preserve them and release the documents per the FOIA which was served to the specific counties as well as the state election commission (SEC). The South Carolina Election Commission has a duty to the citizens of SC.  This public interest issue is currently of utmost importance as our voters have lost trust in our election system. Our elected leaders appear to be in denial regarding the issues we have found with our elections.”

     To date, twenty- seven states as well as the District of Columbia have made their CVRs public. A cast vote record report can be generated within minutes and submitted via a thumb drive. The extra cost to preserve these items is minor compared with the potential loss of trust of the SC citizens in their government, particularly if they are unable to fully analyze the 2020 election.

This is an urgent emergency situation due to the timing of the destruction of materials and a SC attorney is filing for SCSE. If the people of SC are not given access to public records of the voting tabulation their ability to properly analyze the elections will be forever lost.