The “Mesa pattern” and why CVRs are important audit tools

Jeff O’Donnell has compiled and evaluated upwards of 1,000 CVRs across the nation.  Thus far, he has found signs of manipulation in all CVRs he has reviewed which has convinced him more than ever that there is an algorithm at play in these machines.   According to this most recent interview with Brannon Howse he shows that 43 out of 64 counties in Colorado have the same pattern of the trajectory of the vote count. In fact, based on this pattern he can predict what the final vote count will be if given the halfway-mark count.  This should not occur in a random vote done by humans. 

Watch the video here.

This pattern was observed in other counties with literally the same formula able to predict the final outcome of a race knowing just the midway result.

In addition, rather than showing a progression of votes that tapers off over time  to a stable end point which you would expect to see as the number of cumulative votes come in, there is a large change in votes that occurs over time.  This is not statistically possible.

Jeff considers this a huge breakthrough.

Why won’t law enforcement officials look into this? Well, they haven’t been willing to investigate this election malfeasance during the past 2+ years so why now?

Jeff opines that we are observing statistically impossible results and the presence of an algorithm that indicates that our elections are being manipulated and our republic is threatened.  This should concern everyone. By the way, this same pattern was seen in 2022 as well. How can we trust these machines? Why aren’t these machine companies such as ES&S, Dominion, and Hart Intercivic under more scrutiny? This appears to be a RICO (racketeering) issue that should be investigated to the fullest extent.

Is this why SC Safe Elections is being stonewalled (and countersued) by the South Carolina Election Commission regarding our fight to gain access to the cast vote records?  These records might show irregularities.  We need more transparency not less in our elections for the people to trust our system again. If there is nothing to hide then why can’t we have access to records that 27 other states have access to?

Please support our battle to gain access to the cast vote records.  We humbly ask for your financial support so that we can pay legal fees and experts to travel to Columbia to testify. If all the SC citizens and people across the nation can give a little to this battle we can and will win! Below is our give send go link.