Things are getting hot in Pennsylvania

Several lawsuits are heating up and new ones being filed that underscore multiple issues in the Pennsylvania 2020 election. In particular, we are finding out that the state didn’t properly investigate compelling evidence of fraud.

In this must-see interview (start around 23 minutes) Greg Strenstrom and Leah Hoopes discuss their multiple suits and the shocking evidence that demonstrates how Bill Barr told the PA officials to stand down and not look into the 2020 election anomalies and evidence of potential fraud.

A new suit was filed by United Sovereign Americans, Inc., a nonpartisan, all-volunteer election validity advocate group, and two Pennsylvania residents directed to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, the Bureau of Elections, the Bureau of Election Security and Technology, the Department of State, and the state Attorney General. They have also named Attorney General Merrick Garland and the United States Department of Justice as additional “Respondents.”

They claim that federal voting standards are not being followed.

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Note that it appears we now have several states whose outcome of the 2020 election is indeterminate at best due to the evidence–GA, Wisconsin, and PA!