Why 4919 should pass

Please pass bill 4919 without amendments

These are the reasons SC Safe Elections would like to see this bill passed as is.

First regarding the poison pill, this is a good thing as it provides more scrutiny of a commission which currently has little accountability or oversight.  It also prevents partisan overreach and promotes neutrality. 

Furthermore, there were some meaningful reforms that help enhance election integrity:

  • Cleaner voter rolls- it compels annual maintenance of the voter rolls and mandatory reporting to the general assembly.  This includes 7-day removal of unqualified electors.
  • Registration applications should now affirm citizenship and that they are NOT registered in another state or county and that all applications should be date stamped.
  • Enhanced agency reporting-    The bureau of vital statistics must report in state as well as OUT OF STATE deaths of SC citizens; the DMV must give a monthly report to the SEC of all non US citizens who have been issued a driver’s license or identification card at no charge.
  • Prohibits the use of emergency declarations to change practices by procedures by the election commission
  • Reduces outside influence: the SEC and county BOE must not accept any funds, grants or gifts from any source other than the state or federal government for preparation or to conduct elections. 
  • Reduces the potential for ballot harvesting: Someone can only request up to 5 absentee applications and a person cannot register or vote using someone else’s name.
  • Increased fines for election interference or fraud—violations of election laws
  • Absentee balloting: The bill reduces the reasons for obtaining absentee ballots and specifies the time that they can be verified and tabulated and allows for access to candidates and poll watchers. Additional requirements were made for requesting absentee ballots; that info must be verified by the county board
  • Language was added to maintain the image of ballots in the voting system that protects the anonymity of the voter and the retention period for ballots and election data was extended to 24 months (from 22).
  • They are allowing a public input period prior to the purchase of statewide voting systems.

For more specifics on our view of the good and bad of this bill see this link.

This is a great start and we would like to see this bill pass.