Zero to Hero-Jay Lucas what will be your legacy?

Dear Speaker Lucas:

Thank you for your service to our state. You’ve served as our SC House Speaker since 2014…and now you are leaving. Before you go…

We, the citizens of SC need you. We have never needed your leadership more than right now. Now is the time…Now is your moment…Now is the time for you to cement your LEGACY…how do you want to be remembered?

Will you be remembered as the man who enabled our state legislators to fulfill their Constitutional duty to determine the election laws in our state? OR…Will you be remembered as the man who single-handedly killed an election reform bill that was passed by your colleagues 114 – 0 and in the Senate 43 – 0? You have a DUTY to bring 4919 to a vote. Let your statehouse colleagues decide.

The most sacred right of a citizen is the right to vote

Protect this right to vote. You will be a HERO.

Cave to political pressures. You’ll be remembered as a ZERO.

Your decision will be the lasting signature of your service.

All those years. Culminating in this one moment. How do you want to be remembered? CHOOSE WISELY.


We, the citizens of South Carolina, are watching.

Here’s to being the HERO,

Leslie Thorne, Legislative liaison SC Safe Elections