Welcome to SC Safe Elections

Restore Confidence in South Carolina Elections

Please help us win our legal battle to get valuable election records preserved and analyzed. We appreciate your contributions. This is a grassroots effort by the people for the people.


  1. Call Governor McMaster’s office at (803)734-2100 and Attorney General Wilson’s office 1-803-734-3970 and politely ask them to stand for election transparency by allowing public access to Cast Vote Records!
  2. Give to our campaign to help us raise legal funds for this effort. We are just a grassroots group doing this on our own time and dime so any support you can give us is greatly appreciated. Click the link below.
  3. Pray for our team and for us to prevail in this lawsuit as well as making our elections more transparent, accurate, accountable and auditable. This is a spiritual battle as much as anything else.


Here is a welcome video of our mission, goals and recommendations we have regarding our elections systems in SC. This video steps through the areas of our website to get you up to speed.

Taking Back our Freedom: Elections Not Selections

Attached below is our whitepaper summarizing our group’s progress over the last almost two years. We have an amazing group of dedicated passionate citizens who have worked tirelessly to accomplish these tasks.

Please share this far and wide and educate everyone through both personal contacts, neighborhood or county meetings, or meeting with your local senator or representative. Everyone needs to better understand the issues and complexity of our current system. Complexity breeds corruption.
We also provide recommendations regarding how to create a better, simpler system that is more transparent.
Here is a presentation about the whitepaper but for the full whitepaper please download the below.

We must have confidence that our elections are legal and accurate.

In the 2020 elections, America witnessed many anomalies and illegal activities that went unanswered and ignored by many states and federal officials.  Our goal is to ensure that votes in South Carolina were cast legally and that election machines recorded votes accurately.