Our Recommendations

These are the changes our state needs in order to have safe elections:

  1. Revamp the entire voter registration system and process for cleaning and maintaining the voter rolls
  2. Return to paper poll books where every registered voter is validated annually
  3. Return to paper ballots which are hand-marked and hand-counted with a live feed so the count is transparent in real time; use the same ballots for mail-in, absentee, early voting, and election day
    • Count and record all ballots (including absentee) at the precinct level to ensure chain of custody
  4. Go to single-day, in person elections with strong ID- photo and signature
    • Make it a state or national holiday
  5. Only allow rare instances for absentee balloting <1%
  6. Hand count the ballots and votes; precinct sizes under 1,000 voters
  7. Every record and tally needs to be completely transparent, and accessible to all individuals who wish to audit the outcome
  8. The people should have free access to the voter rolls to assure that they are accurate and that they are being maintained properly
  9. Replace ERIC (an out of state organization) with an internal process that properly cleans the voter rolls and impose fine and penalties for noncompliance
  10. Fund and conduct a compliance study of the 2020 election

We will not rest or waver until this is done.