cyber ninjas forensic audit maricopa county az 2020
The AZ audit is the beginning of nationwide audits

Based on the AZ audit findings, it is imperative that all other states move forward with a forensic audit. Here are just a few highlights from the audit report:

The cyber ninjas presentation had criminality all over it.

  • 1 million records were deleted 1 day prior to audit—this is a felony and each record is considered a separate charge of a federal crime carrying 1 year in jail and a fine; 16 people had the administration password which was the same so it was an “anonymous” login.
    • However, they were able to capture the visuals of the person or persons via video!!! NABBED
  • Up to 300,000 ballots in question due to phantom and lost voters (Liz Harris canvassing results)
  • Many of the ballots were received after the deadline
  • 284,412 ballot images were corrupt or missing
  • There were duplicate ballots, ballots received from deceased voters, etc.
  • 23,344 voted mail in and 2,382 voted in person even though they had moved from Maricopa
  • 5,047 voted in more than one county
  • Their paper ballots were fake; not one ballot was on vote secured paper; they only used non-vote secured paper for all of the ballots!!!! This was done to obscure the differences in the paper. These ballots are illegal.
  • The machines were not EAC certified!!!!! Software patches for the operating system as well as antivirus software were not installed since installation thus they were not complying with regulations. There is no way these machines would have been certified based on their lack of proper updates and protocol.
  • There were 2,592 more duplicates than original ballots
  • There were 9,041 more ballots returned by the voter than received
  • There appeared to be intentional churning of logs and overwriting data- that violates the 22-month federal rules for retention; all the data from the 2020 election appeared to be fully cleared
  • There were insufficient and grossly negligent if not intentional cybersecurity weaknesses
    • A universal password was used for admins and all users and this was not changed since the system installation
  • There were envelopes with blank signatures
  • Multiple ports allowed for interconnectivity


NOTE: SC voter data was found in their system suggesting that they were “borrowing” phantom voters from us to fill their system! Was there collusion across state lines?

Furthermore, the county refused to comply with subpoenas asking for routers, voter roll systems, provisional ballots, and undeliverable ballots.

What are the risks of not doing an audit in South Carolina?

Our rights have been violated and those who want to move on are essentially agreeing that the illegitimate rigged election was valid (your constituents know otherwise) and they are complicit with the following:

  • Thousands of illegals pouring into the border many with criminal backgrounds and communicable illnesses resulting in massive increases in human and drug trafficking as well as kids being abused
  • Large spending increases on pork laden bills that serve as vehicles for money laundering
  • Continued abuse of our children and as they are forced to wear masks in schools and neglect of parental rights and preferences
  • Forced vaccine mandates and digital tracing of identities
  • Confiscatory tax rates that will stifle the economy

All from not only an illegitimate president but now all races should be called into question from the 2020 election.

Will you be part of the problem by ushering in a new world order that creates a social credit score system, continued lockdowns and business closing, lost constitutional rights, or will you be part of the solution to returning our country to the principles it was founded on?

FAKE NEWS: The auditors counted the paper ballots and confirmed the total but just because the count is accurate doesn’t mean the election was legitimate. That statement by the press is misleading in that it does not mean that the ballots were authentic! This is where the media is being extremely misleading. If you count 5 twenty-dollar counterfeit bills you will think you have $100 but it doesn’t mean they are valid. The recount of fraudulent votes will always result in a proper recount.