How to return to a paper ballot system

We are often asked how to implement a paper ballot system that would be efficient and minimize potential fraud.

The best election system is one that is transparent, accurate, auditable and simple. Too many citizens across America of all party affiliations have lost trust in the electronic voting systems that are now in place. It puts us at risk of foreign interference given the potential for hacking, compromised flash drives and other commercial off the shelf components that are manufactured overseas.

Bring elections back to the local precinct level with hand counted paper ballots that people fill out manually and are counted in a visible way. Each ballot will be anonymous (so that the casting is still secret) but the counting will be in public. See this great example of a system that could be done inexpensively, easily and would be easily verified via the replay of the video cameras.

In the above demonstrations, the team counted 20 races on 250 ballots in about an hour.