Lawsuit update: help support election transparency

We have filed a motion for reconsideration so that the election commission can stay in our suit. Our lawyers are in the process of scheduling depositions so that they can get more info from some of the counties and we continue to find more evidence that substantiates our position that there is no personally identifiable information on the ballots and that it is near impossible if not impossible to tie a ballot to a specific voter.

In short, there is not a compelling reason that we can identify for not receiving a report that 27 other states receive other than to reduce transparency of the counting of our vote. Note that South Carolina is one of a few states that specifically state in our constitution that our vote shall be cast in secret but NOT COUNTED IN SECRET.

Here is a sample of a CVR report just to show you that there is no PII (personally identifiable information).

The black box nature of our system currently does just that–counts our vote in secret. The cast vote record report is essential to enabling more accountability and transparency of the vote. Analysis of these records points to the presence of potential algorithms per Jeff O’Donnell and other analysts.

Please support this fight today by contributing to our give send go for our legal costs. If everyone just contributes a little bit we can win this battle.

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