Lessons learned- election issues start at the local level

Musings from the SC GOP convention:

This is a reminder that elections are about process. As you know our group doesn’t like to be super political or partisan but everyone can appreciate and accept our election outcomes when the process is fair, transparent, and efficient.

  1. It is essential that everyone qualified shows up. Turnout matters

2. Everyone needs to feel confident that those in charge of the vote are being fair.

3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their vote and shouldn’t be pressured or coerced to vote a certain way.

4. Only qualified credentialed voters should be allowed to vote

5. The voting process shouldn’t be arduous and lengthy. Long lines or times reduce participation

6. Everyone voting should feel comfortable with the rules.

7. Our votes are secret but counting is not. Observers welcome.

We will get there my friends.
God bless all the people who participate in the process.
May we continue to make improvements. 🙏