Press Release for 2/5/22 Canvass Results



Laura Scharr  

SC Safe Elections Group 

Results of South Carolina Citizen-Led Canvass of 2020 November General Election Reveal  Election Irregularities and Thousands of Errors In Voter Rolls 

Columbia, S.C. – February 5, 2022 – SC Safe Elections Group, a non-partisan volunteer  group comprised of approximately 75 citizens from across eight South Carolina counties  presented findings of its canvass of South Carolina voter rolls and the 2020 General Election  today. Presenters shared results that revealed widespread inaccuracies with voter rolls and  potential ineligible votes. 

“Our canvassing efforts have shown that much work needs to be done by our local and  state election officials to clean up our voter rolls and to enforce existing laws, said Laura Scharr,  leader of the South Carolina voter integrity effort. “Our state lawmakers also need to enact new  legislation now that ensures greater accuracy and confidence in our elections. Every illegitimate  vote cancels out one of our voices. It is essential that we not have any errors in our voter rolls  and that only legal votes are counted.”  

Highlights of the audit included the following: 

• Approximately 21% of voters on the voter rolls appear to be ineligible or to have voted outside of the regulated guidelines.  

• Over 4,300 registered voters on the rolls across eight counties were either deceased or had moved prior to the 2020 November election.  

• We found 1,369 citizens were registered to vote (and many of which voted) at  commercial addresses such as grocery stores, USPS locations, non-residential  university addresses where the voters were not students, and vacation RV parks. 

“For citizens to trust our elections, it’s imperative that state and local officials and  representatives work together to clean up the voter rolls, fix broken systems, and ensure that our  election laws are followed,” said S.C. State Representative Vic Dabney, District 52. “I applaud  the efforts of all these citizens involved with the canvass who took months of their time to  research our voter rolls. Clearly, we have election integrity issues that must be addressed.”  

“If our elections are not trustworthy, we lose any confidence in our system, said Josiah  Magnuson, S.C. State Representative for District 38. “This is not a partisan issue but one that is foundational to our Republic as a whole. I am so thankful for those who through dogged  persistence are bringing to light possible attacks on our state’s election process and showing us  what must be done to ensure those candidates the people legally vote for are those who get  elected. I look forward to pushing for immediate legislation that will renew the security and  accuracy of our elections.” 

S.C. State Representative Robert J. “RJ” May, III of District 88 added, “Free and fair  elections are the bedrock of our Republic. We must have confidence that our votes count and that  only qualified citizens are casting ballots. As your state representative, my stance on election  integrity is simple: No cheating! I’m attending this conference to learn, but more importantly, to  stand with the people I represent who demand action from the General Assembly.”  

Other issues addressed at the presentation included: 1) concerns with the voter machines, 2)  the state’s use of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), and 3) voter roll and statistical election race anomalies. Canvass volunteer leaders from each county presented their  findings; in addition, Jeff O’Donnell, a software and database expert, spoke about voter roll  anomalies, and Phil Evans, a data analyst and engineer, spoke about election race anomalies. A summary report of the findings of the audit can be found at: A video recording of the presentation can also be found at this website.