SC Pathway to Safe Elections

RNC Resolution Issue 1

Voter confidence and participation is waning, how can we fix this?

WHEREAS, To present a formal Resolution from the Republican National Committee for declared opposition to voting manipulation schemes and to return to the functional and historic balloting and polling experience that Americans understand, appreciate, and love;

WHEREAS, The mission of the Republican Party is to act as the party that encourages and allows the broadest possible participation to all voters and to assure that the Republican Party is open and accessible to all Americans;

Why do we need to revamp our voting system? Voter confidence in our system has dropped and 62% of likely voters according to Rasmussen believe there was cheating in 2020 and are worried about cheating in the 2024 election.  In fact, this is a bipartisan issue.  Here is a powerful video that shows that even democrats want to reform the system.

This lack of trust decreases voter participation. Less than 18% of registered voters participated in our midterm elections of 2022. 

Did you know that A study from the Heritage Foundation shows that early voting decreases voter turnout.

Our state, which now hosts the first Democrat and Republican primaries in the nation, should consider further reforms to maximize trust in our process. For example, our legislators in SC should strongly consider getting rid of early voting. This will help increase turnout and also decrease costs and complexity.