Why were election changes made without changes to the law?

SC Pathway to Safe Elections

RNC Resolution Issue 4

Election changes made without changes to the law.

WHEREAS, Elections have been under assault from those on the Left as they attempt to implement schemes and intentionally inject chaotic administrative changes that have drastically changed how elections are conducted in hundreds of the most populous counties and regions across the nation;

In 2020, there were many changes to election procedures without the approval of the respective state legislatures. This should have been viewed as illegal and voided the election results. Drop boxes, mailing all registered voters, no signature verification, were just some of the changes employed. It is essential that we implement laws that specifically state our position and that eliminate these tactics to minimize potential chain of custody issues and ineligible votes.

In South Carolina, this issue came up in 2020 when the then SEC director wanted to implement mail in balloting as well as a waiver of signature verification. The specific issue of signature verification ultimately made its way to the US supreme court and ultimately our legislature prevailed to prevent our state becoming “Georgia.” The point is that laws are made via the legislature and one person or one agency making major decisions for elections should not be allowed. Even more importantly, the current laws on the books are not always being followed as many poll observers witnessed in last year’s elections. There needs to be accountability to ensure that the election laws are followed.

We have a representative form of government not tyranny. Let’s remember that. The reason so many people don’t trust our elections is because so many changes were made that only complicated the process and led to less transparency and more confusion. Our legislature should continue to pass laws that favor enhanced transparency, accuracy, and auditability.