Wins for the week

Last week we had a few wins on the election reform front.  Nye county decided to use paper ballots for their upcoming elections.  This was a great win for the state of Nevada and hopefully other counties will follow suit.  Thanks to the team of experts that were able to present to them and convince them to go this route.  Many of them will be speaking at the March 26th Election Excellence Forum.  

Last week the infamous Halderman affidavit was released. This 24-page paper documents the vulnerability of the machines and how malicious software was launched in the Ballot marking devices that provided temporary access to the machines. He also discussed how the QR codes on the paper ballots can be manipulated.  Access could be gained through modems, Windows, the poll pads and all traces of the malware can be erased so that no one could detect its existence. This is a must read to get up to speed on how the systems can be encroached. Hopefully we will move further in our understanding of the vulnerability of these systems and how we can prevent this from happening.

Read the entire report here: