Does your vote count? How do you know if you know if it is counted in secret?

SC Safe Elections is trying to get access to the Cast Vote Records (CVRs) for our elections here in SC. Currently citizens are being blocked from receipt of these reports. Our suit has a good chance of success as the judge has already granted an injunction that preserves the 2020 election data.

CVRs are like an x-ray for the voting machine in that it looks at the vote over time at each precinct. Here is a video of Lauren Martel our counsel on this case and Laura Scharr founder and team leader of SC Safe Elections discussing the case specifics and providing an update.

*****Our state constitution states that our vote should be cast in secret not counted in secret. Not allowing access to this valuable audit tool means that they are counting our vote in secret and we can’t see how that is happening.*******

We have a great change of success in this case but we need your help.
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Here is a link:

Here is also a link to our original blog when we first filed which includes court documents for this case.

In addition, here are some relevant blogs from our website re: cast vote records.

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